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Government Loans and Government Grants are available in the form of Government Loans, Agriculture Loans, Business Loans, Disaster Relief Loans, Education Loans, Housing Loans, and Veteran Loans.

Applying for Government Grants

Government grants are a better option to government loans. Government grants never have to be repaid, and nearly everyone who applies is granted a government grant. Applicants must demonstrate that they need the money and have accurately completed their application forms and provided supporting documentation. Government grants normally go to individuals for a specific purpose outlined in their applications.

The government grant application is the only part of the process that applicants must spend some time on. If the application is false or incomplete, this will negatively affect the chances of receiving money. Often, supporting documentation such as income statements or tax receipts need to be provided along with the government grant application.

Millions of people apply each year for government grants, including
Housing grants Personal grants
Education grantsSmall business grants
Medical grantsResearch grants
and more...

Government grants are preferred over government loans, however if an applicant is denied a government loan (normally due to high income and not proving necessity) he or she could easily apply for and receive a government grant.

Government grants are distributed to schools, businesses, non-profit organizations, and individuals. Often, tiered funding for government grants are very large and can be negotiated at a policy level (such as major renovations to buildings or roads). Smaller grants, such as grants for individuals, can be negotiated at a municipal level.

Government Grants Available

In 2009 the government has made available a wide variety of programs. This includes:

Funding Type Programs Available
Federal Programs 1,000+
State Programs 24,000+
Private Foundations 30,000+
Scholarship Programs 20,000+

Government grants are issued through local government agencies, but sponsored by the federal government. Each year, about $40 billion is issued toward government grants, and roughly three-quarters are claimed. In fact, according to statistics, such trusts and foundations that disperse government grants are in excess of 88,000 and disperse more than $40 billion per year.

Government grants allow for individuals to be publicly funded but with reasonable independence from the governing state.

Government Grants - The Facts

Government grants help individuals who need financial aid to ensure their security or to prosper in life. Grants never have to be repaid. Government grants are distributed in both federal and municipal levels, and divided into categories that will satisfy all financial needs. Distribution of government grants is based on individual eligibility as per annual income and other contributing factors. Applying for a government grant is easy, quick, and nearly all applicants are awarded a sum of money.