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Mortgage Grants

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In the US today, there are billions of dollars worth of mortgage grants that can be claimed by an American citizen over 18 years of age, for various purposes. There is also nearly $75 billion dollars available for home grants for mortgage. Depending on where you live and plan to buy a home, these grants can be obtained to pay off your mortgage. The housing grants are available in a various formats. There are even mortgage grants for those who want to do home renovations but are unable to come up with the money.

Mortgage grants are not limited to facilitating home ownership. There are special grants for women, farm grants, and mortgage grant for educators as well as grants for the disabled, to name a few.

In recent times, with the economic recession, many home owners found themselves retrenched or just unable to pay their mortgages because of poor business. In some cases, the value of the homes became much lower than what was borrowed. In addition, people had taken second loans to cover home renovations or to pay for children’s education. This resulted in huge foreclosure and the government was forced to step in to help home owners. The American Recovery Re-investment Act which was passed by the US Congress made mortgage grants available to home owners to meet their mortgage payments. The US government is therefore obliged by law to give these government grants.

First time homebuyers who meet certain eligibility criteria were given grants that could help towards mortgage payments as well as to assist in home expenses. There are also home mortgage grants for the first time buyer who has insufficient funds to put up the down payment. This, however, requires the individual to be the primary resident of the property and be employed full time. The government is also willing to provide mortgages to home owners who are unable to meet their monthly payments.
While mortgage grants are readily available there are specific requirement for an individual to qualify for such grants. Some of the requirements are credit cheque, income verification and in some cases a good collateral security.

There are numerous mortgage grants for women, though most of these are not widely publicized. These are for those planning to buy their home for the first time. Existing mortgage buyers and single women are also eligible for these grants. This however depends if the area where the individual is buying a property qualifies to receive funding. Similar grants are also available to farmers. The government also gives out these grants to those who want to starts farms. It also provides grants for rural housing or to provide day care and community facilities for farmers. Disabled in the rural areas are also eligible for mortgage grants. This program is managed by the US department of Agriculture.

Mortgage grants have come as a relief to the low income group. Other similar grants are also available to other deserving individuals. These government grants programs however are not sufficiently publicized to benefit a larger segment of the population.

Did You Know You May Be Eligible For Housing Grants?

Housing grants give people the means to live safely and securely in a home of their choice. First-time homebuyers and those who rent are all eligible for these necessary housing grants. Many government agencies provide housing grants; the most popular is the Housing and Urban Development agency (HUD grants). For years, housing grants have helped Americans to build stable lives for their families.