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Government Loans and Government Grants are available in the form of Government Loans, Agriculture Loans, Business Loans, Disaster Relief Loans, Education Loans, Housing Loans, and Veteran Loans.

Applying for Government Loans

A government loan is a sum of money loaned to an individual. This government loan money is backed by the federal government, and protects lenders against payment defaults. This makes it easier for lenders to lend larger sums of money with lower interest. There are a number of government loans which vary depending on the state and status of the borrower. Government loans are available mainly to help make home ownership affordable for low-income people and first-time buyers.

Types of federal government loans include
Energy Efficient Mortgages
FHA Mortgage
Hope Now
VA Mortgage Loans
Rural Development Guaranteed Housing
The American Dream Down payment Initiative (ADDI)
Teacher Next Door Program
Reverse Mortgages
Good Neighbour Next Door Sales Program
Home Choice Program
Self Help Ownership Opportunity Program
Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now - ACORN
Community Frameworks
Habitat for Humanity International

This is an incomplete list of government loans, and each state has even more specific government loans available.

Current Status of Government Loans

In light of the recent economic downturn, people borrowing from government loans have begun to feel a bit insecure. The Great Depression was examined and evaluated with regards to lenders and borrowers, and economists began to realize how turbulent government loans can be in times of economic hardship.

Overview of Government Funding

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 distributes the $787 billion as follows:

Category Total Recovery Act Funds Funds Paid Out
Tax Benefits $288 Billion $99.1 Billion
Contracts, Grants, Loans $275 Billion $93.2 Billion
Entitlements $224 Billion $122.3 Billion

The Savings and Loan Crisis in the 1980s and 1990s, the recent housing market crash of 2007, the horrid subprime mortgages, and the backlash of risky investments have the financial lending system upside down. Interest rates are through the roof and most people have no way to pay off their loans.

Other Options for Free Government Funding

Government Grants have proven to be the safest viable option - AND THEY'RE FREE. Unlike government loans, government grants never have to be repaid, they are available to any and everyone who can prove need, and are available in a wide array of subjects (housing, education, personal, medical, etc.)

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